Key Aspects to Keep In The Back Of Your Mind When Starting a YouTube Channel for Your Explainer Videos

YouTube is the largest video streaming site today. Statistically, the platform has more than one billion users. This represents about one-third of all internet users. Not to forget that millions of hours of videos are watched on the platform each day. This makes the platform a fertile ground for business owners and marketers alike to promote their businesses. If you’re a business owner, you can create great quality explainer videos and upload them to YouTube to leverage the amount of traffic there. YouTube can drive your business to the next level if utilized properly. But, there are tips you need to know before creating a channel on YouTube to promote your products and services:

promoting your product explainer videos

i. Consistency is key when promoting your product explainer videos on YouTube

Like any other business, success on YouTube requires consistency. You have to consistently make and post your explainer videos on the platform. Making high converting video takes practice, and the more you do it, the better you become at it. If you want to grow your brand quickly with YouTube, you must have a well laid out goal. It could be uploading one or two explainer videos every month. The bottom-line is to set a realistic goal and follow it religiously.

ii. Editing is a key step in making scintillating explainer videos to upload on YouTube

One thing that fails most business owners that use explainer videos to promote their brand is too much of something. Just because you took snapshots of your product in different angles doesn’t mean that you have to include them in the final video. Edit and remove some parts and only remain with the best shots.

making scintillating explainer videos
Explainer videos for the first time on YouTube

iii. Don’t compare yourself to others when uploading your explainer videos for the first time on YouTube

One thing you will have to live with is the fact that there are already popular videos on YouTube. Don’t try to compete with them. You can only check them out to get ideas on why they pop. What you need to keep at the back of your mind is that every YouTube channel out there started from scratch. That is; they started with no subscriber, no view, and no audience. Even the channels with more than 1 million subscribers and are subsisting off YouTube started from scratch.

iv. SEO your explainer videos on YouTube

For your explainer videos to be visible to a larger audience, you have to go beyond just uploading them to YouTube. You have to also optimize them for search engines. You may spend a big chunk of your time and energy making scintillating videos, but if you don’t optimize them for search engines, they won’t get the exposure you want. How do you optimize videos for search engines? You ask. Well, you can do three things to SEO your explainer videos. First, give them a descriptive title and include keywords in the title. Second, make use of tags (tags are simply keywords that help online searchers find your videos). Third, write a short yet comprehensive description of your explainer videos.

SEO your explainer videos on YouTube
Make sure your explainer videos’ audios are clear

v. Make sure your explainer videos’ audios are clear

Audio is a critical aspect of any video. You can actually get away with an averagely done video when the audio is crystal clear. On the other hand, a top-notch video with an unclear audio will ruin your brand’s marketing efforts. So make sure that your product explainer videos’ audios are up to the mark. If your device audio isn’t good, an external microphone will suffice. Checkout this list of beautiful explainer videos that really help explain the product to the user:


There are many other things to keep in mind when shooting explainer videos to upload on YouTube, such as studying TV shows, movies and videos you like, the camera you use, editing software you employ and your level of engagement. Combine these and the tips highlighted above, and your brand’s popularity will grow fast.

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