How to Create an Explainer Video with Your MacBook Pro

How to Create an Explainer Video with Your MacBook Pro

Videos are quickly becoming a popular form of advertising. The shorter and more creative the video, the more likely it is to keep the viewer engaged. Explainer videos are short videos, usually less than 90 seconds long. They advertise a brand or product.

These days, there is some excellent software available for making and publishing free explainer videos. You do not even need to hire external professionals anymore. If you own a MacBook Pro, you are in luck. These computers have free software, such as Garageband, which you can use to make the best explainer videos. If you are confused about how to make explainer videos, read on for a few simple steps.

First of all, you need a script, so write down what you are going to say in the video. This includes an introduction to the product or brand you are aiming to advertise. The viewers are then told about why they need to buy your product or acquire your services. A call-to-action is then included to prompt the viewer into making a move for purchase. Most brands also include a review section at the end. This way, you can impress your viewers and gain their trust. Many brand and product explainer videos add a bit of humor to their videos as it is an effective creative tool.

The next step is to use a voiceover app to record the script in your voice. Using a microphone of high quality is recommended. This is followed by the development of the visual part. There are several types of explainer videos, such as whiteboard explainer videos and animated explainer videos. The former are easier to make since they are quite simplistic. With animated ones, however, you can express your creativity more freely and in more ways. Keynote is one of the best apps to use on a MacBook for video-making. You can also import videos from your gallery into this app, and work on them to prepare them for release. Explainer videos can also be live-action.

Explainer videos can be a good way to communicate effectively with your viewers. Long, text-based advertisements are becoming obsolete since they take a lot of effort and time. Videos are way more likely to grab the attention of your potential customers. Surveys have revealed that video advertisements actually improve the conversion rate for your business. Also, they help your website rank higher up in the search results.



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