Guide – Creating an Explainer Videos in 3-Easy Steps

Guide – Creating an Explainer Videos in 3-Easy Steps

Explainer videos are one of the best ways for any company or brand to capture the attention of their audience and spark an interest about their product or service. Having someone create a video for you by giving them some guideline is always a good option because it means that you don’t have to waste time on the process, but that option can be a very costly one. Now, creating your own explainer video can be a big task that is time-consuming, but as we feel it will be time well spent, we have decided to give you a few tips on how to create your own video.


You need to have a script

You can’t start doing anything without having some kind of guideline and that is what the script is when it comes to these videos. You can have the best voiceover and the coolest graphics out there, but none of that matters if you don’t have a solid script. It is always best for you to write your own script, even if you decide to hire someone to make the video for you, because no one knows your target customer and their concerns better than you and since these things are what needs to be addressed in the video, it makes no sense to have someone else do that for you.



If you have decided to make animation videos for your company yourself and you don’t have any experience in the matter then Pow Toon is the best solution for you. This software will help you keep things very low budget and another great thing about it is that anyone with any basic computer skills can use it and still give you decent results. Of course, the final product won’t be a masterpiece, but that of course is to be expected when you have no experience, and the important part is that you will easily create a video. They also provide a series of tutorials that will help walk you through the video building process.


Add music and sound effects

Every video is better with some type of music or sound effects in it and an explainer video is no different. You can always go to places like MusOpen, YouTube, Audacity, Free Sound and so on where you can find some kind of free music and effects that you can use. However, with these types of sites you always need to be careful and remember to really read the fine print because of the sound file’s licensing agreement because by using something that you are not allowed to, you risk having your video taken down by the owners of the music.

As we mentioned the process of creating your own explainer videos can take you a long time, especially if you have no previous experience, but as we said before, we feel that it is totally worth it because of all of the benefits that it can bring to your company. So follow these tips and create the best video that you can for your product, service or company. 

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